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By Stephanie Hatch Leishman March 28, 2012

Do you want to collaborate with others across the Institute who may work in another department? Try Yammer, an enterprise social network. MIT has its own closed group within Yammer, which is only open for those with mit.edu email addresses. On Yammer you can: network with others at MIT (you can follow others) discuss...

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7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Twitter

By Stephanie Hatch Leishman March 19, 2012

Last week I listened to a Mediabistro presentation by Lauren Dugan, editor of AllTwitter.com. She listed seven ways to get the most out of 140 characters: Branding and visibility Customer support Customer outreach/feedback Networking Internal communication Generating leads Supporting other online presences Lauren also...

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Social Media on a Shoestring

By Stephanie Hatch Leishman March 8, 2012

In last week's seminar, I presented on how to use limited resources when managing social media for a department at MIT. I discussed strategy vs. tactics, types of content, and tools for streamlining your efforts when you're shoestringing it. Watch the screencast version on TechTV. Please comment! You can comment on...

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New Facebook Pages

By Stephanie Hatch Leishman March 1, 2012

Facebook is allowing pages to take on the new Timeline layout. Read about the news in PCWorld and CNET. Mashable can tell you six big changes that will affect your page. The biggest difference you'll see right away is the cover image. The profile image is a small square and overlaps partially on top of the cover image...

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By Stephanie Hatch Leishman February 22, 2012

'Meme' is a short version of mimeme, meaning an imitation. It's a replicating concept, idea, or style that is propagated and evolves along the way. It usually takes the form of a parody or involves using a recognizable image/phrase/etc. and playing with it (a mutating imitation). One great example is the meme...

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Use Your Own Logo

By Stephanie Hatch Leishman February 17, 2012

You represent the MIT brand when your department, lab, or center creates an account on a social media platform, so remember to use the MIT logo properly. Quoting from MIT's social media guidelines, "Use of the MIT logo is reserved for MIT's institutional pages, such as the MIT News Office" (this includes pages that...

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The Hashtag (#)

By Stephanie Hatch Leishman February 9, 2012

The # symbol, or 'hashtag' is used in Twitter. A hashtag shows that a tweet relates to a certain category or event. When a hashtag is used by a large number of users, it can become a trending topic. The hashtag has many creative uses; it is most commonly used for events, topics, and public chats. For example, a group...

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Facebook: Pages vs. Groups

By Stephanie Hatch Leishman February 6, 2012

Every individual with a Facebook account has a personal 'profile' which can be used to connect with friends. Also, Individuals can post text, photos, and links to share with others. People have profiles; organizations cannot have profiles. However, organizations can create a 'page' or a 'group'. Once you have decided...

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MIT Social Media

By Stephanie Hatch Leishman January 31, 2012

Updated July 17, 2014 Welcome to the MIT Connect Blog. This blog is intended for MIT communicators working with social media and any others who may have interest in what people at MIT are doing in this area. I hope this will be a great resource for those around the Institute seeking to develop their skills. Let me...

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