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Dealing with Trolling: Update for 2023

By Jenny Li Fowler October 19, 2023

The more time you spend on the internet, the greater the chance you will either witness or become a victim of trolling. Trolling is defined as antagonizing others online by deliberately posting inflammatory, irrelevant, or offensive comments or other disruptive content. Internet trolls aim to provoke an emotional...

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MIT on TikTok

By Jenny Li Fowler September 6, 2022

Why we decided to get on TikTok One of MIT’s primary goals for social media is to feature our community and share our rich culture. We want prospective students who are deciding between MIT and peer universities to know that you absolutely can pursue other interests here outside of math, science, and engineering. And...

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What 2020 Taught Us

By Jenny Li Fowler January 4, 2021

2020 had us rethinking our social media strategy and tactics and responding to a changing climate all year long. Until last year, we primarily used our flagship social media channels to reaffirm our global reputation and support Institute-level messaging priorities. We also aimed to show more of MIT’s rich, creative...

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How We Use Slack

By Jenny Li Fowler May 11, 2017

MIT has a very collaborative social media community centered around the Social Media Working Group (SMWG). The group is composed of staff who either directly manage a social media platform for an MIT department, lab or center, or manage a person who does. There are currently 150 members on the official list, but I...

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What You Need to Know About Social Media Analytics Tools

By Jenny Li Fowler September 21, 2016

I spent the better part of the summer researching social media tools that could help meet our needs for more comparative and targeted analytics, and after looking into dozens of platforms and viewing numerous demos here’s what I’ve learned: The majority of social media analytics tools fall into one of three categories...

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Why Use Images?

By Stephanie Hatch Leishman May 17, 2013

I'll tell you why. People process visual information faster. Some concepts are better explained by an image than by text. Posts with images usually get more engagement. Images generally take up more space in the news feed. Images interrupt long passages of text in a good way. Pages on your website that don't have...

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