Interview with Esther Wallace

February 24, 2015

Recently, I asked Esther Wallace, assistant director of marketing and communications for MIT Recreational Sports, to talk about her efforts with social media. She offered her insights on creating content and engaging with key audiences.

What is your favorite social media network and why?

Pinterest is my personal favorite. It is a great way to combine visuals, text and links to share information with minimal distraction. What I love most is how personalized the boards and content are to each individual user. Users are able to hoard as much information as they please regarding any topic and reference other boards in the same manner. What makes it stand apart from many other social media sites is the seemingly endless content, ideas and endless inspiration.

What is most challenging about managing social media for your department?

Recreation is not a word that is generally associated with MIT, which makes my job especially challenging because it is all about connecting the MIT community to recreation.  I’ve come to embrace the day-to-day challenge of exploring new creative avenues to engage this audience. I get fired up to create new content, graphics and campaigns with the end goal of bringing our followers one step closer to the “whys and hows” of fitness, nutrition and aquatics. Each day brings with it new findings that establish the framework of the MIT Recreation social media voice.

Given this challenge of connecting the MIT community to recreation, how do you define success?

In addition to standard social media analytics, the success of our efforts is defined by the bigger picture – I look at our growth in engagement and the strength of our communication with the MIT community. If our social media platforms reflect consistency in branding and providing useful announcements and information on a daily basis, then we are successful. It is all about getting our audience to trust MIT Recreation as a tool to assist in the pursuit of health and wellness.

What is a piece of content you published that you are particularly proud of for its creativity and success?

I have a tendency to jump at the chance to combine skills in communications with graphic design. In August I had the opportunity to put together four workout infographics for our New Game Plan fitness program. The workouts were written by our fitness intern Megan Sessa, which I then photographed and combined with minimal graphics and text, creating a digital reference to help participants execute the exercises. The content has been most successful on Pinterest, incorporating TRX, body weight and Bosu Ball fitness trends with user-friendly design.

View some of the content on Pinterest: New Game Plan Week 1 • New Game Plan Week 2 • New Game Plan Week 3 • New Game Plan Week 4

New Game Plan workout by MIT Recreation on Pinterest

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