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12 MIT Professors to Follow on Twitter

By Stephanie Hatch Leishman April 25, 2012

Enjoy this list of MIT professors who are active on Twitter. #onlyatMIT RT @ccmillsMIT: Professor is doing "tweaching" where you can tweet questions using the hashtag #6_02. I love MIT. — Mikey Yang (@MikeyMIT) September 9, 2011 Ed Boyden, @EBoyden3 Associate Professor, Program in Media Arts and Sciences (@medialab)...

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13 Tips for Using Social Media at Your Next Conference

By Stephanie Hatch Leishman March 13, 2012

A few people are asking me about larger events and conferences coming up. Different departments would like to know how to incorporate social media to enhance the conference experience and help to reach goals they have for their events. I always say figure out your goals before your tactics. The below are some tactics...

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Twitter Lists: How Others Define You

By Stephanie Hatch Leishman February 13, 2012

One benefit of social media is the ability to see how others view your organization without having to send out a survey. To figure out how Twitter users view your organization, you can use Twitter lists. Go to your Twitter profile and click on the 'Lists' link on the left sidebar. All the lists you follow appear. At...

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