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CPS Presentations for Spring 2014

By Bara Blender February 19, 2014

Communication Production Services invites MIT communications staff to attend our spring presentations. Registration is required, and the location will be provided upon confirmation. Social Media for Events March 12, 2014 2:30-3:30 p.m. With social media, you can feel the pulse of an event and listen in on the many...

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By Stephanie Hatch Leishman January 7, 2013

Update (7/17/14): Snip.it is no longer an available service. The URL redirects to the Yahoo Tech news home page. Have you found a network similar to Snip.it, as described in the post below? Share in the comments! Update (1/24/13): Snip.it is joining forces with Yahoo. Profiles are not accessible during this...

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Advertising: Facebook vs. LinkedIn

By Stephanie Hatch Leishman March 21, 2012

Update (7/17/14): Some of this information may be out of date. A great way to target people is to place ads on social networks where the most people can be found. Ads on LinkedIn and on Facebook can be successful when worded effectively, targeted correctly, and timed well. Here are a few comparisons of the two...

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