7 Ways Social Media Impacts Organizations

March 30, 2012

I am reading Social Media ROI by Olivier Blanchard. In one section (pages 116-119), Blanchard addresses social media's general impact. He lists seven areas that affect organizations:

1. Velocity has accelerated

No longer 24/7, but 60/60/24/7

2. Awareness is no longer passive

"Inbound communications must now become as important as outbound communications. Listening has become as important as talking."

3. Competencies have multiplied

"The advent of the social web has now expanded the list of necessary skills and experience well beyond copywriting and media buying."

4. Psychological profiles have shifted

"Working in a social space requires more than knowledge and technical know-how; it takes a very specific type of personality as well – the kind that thrives in complex social environments, one that doesn't run away from risk or pressure, one that doesn't lose its temper easily – or ever – and one that is inherently…well, social."

5. Communications are becoming more decentralized

"Any employee capable of forging relationships with potential customers on social channels can, through effective engagement, attract new customers and even generate revenue for his employer."

6. Communications are becoming less 'corporate'

"The more 'human' and colloquial the conversations and content, the more effective they are."

7. Trust is everything

"Truth – or 'transparency' … – is now the cardinal rule of brand communications in the age of social media."

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