Social Media on a Shoestring

March 8, 2012

In last week's seminar, I presented on how to use limited resources when managing social media for a department at MIT. I discussed strategy vs. tactics, types of content, and tools for streamlining your efforts when you're shoestringing it. Watch the screencast version on TechTV. Please comment! You can comment on the TechTV page or here on this blog.

We also heard some MIT case studies from our panelists Alexa Mills, Amy Marcott, and Andrew Whitacre. Listen to and comment on their presentations here.

Try it out: 

In my presentation I spoke about Soundcloud and its potential for use in higher education. Create a free Soundcloud account and log in. Then come back to this page and click on any of these sound visualizations to comment on a specific moment in each presentation.

Introduction of Panelists 

Alexa Mills, MIT CoLab

Andrew Whitacre, MIT Comparative Media Studies

Amy Marcott, MIT Alumni Association [soundcloud id='38940102']

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