January 7, 2013

Update (7/17/14): is no longer an available service. The URL redirects to the Yahoo Tech news home page. Have you found a network similar to, as described in the post below? Share in the comments!

Update (1/24/13): is joining forces with Yahoo. Profiles are not accessible during this transition. Read more here.

What Pinterest is for pictures, is for articles. fits an important niche for grouping and sharing articles. For example, take a look at MIT's profile. To 'snip' an article, click on the scissors 'new snip' icon. You will paste a URL and then choose a collection in which to place the saved article. Some examples include Donavon Roberson's collection on leadership and recent articles about MIT research in space, planetary science, and astronomy. groups are formed to collaboratively share articles on topics of collective interest, such as the Archaeology group. To join a group, you must choose one or more of your collections to be a part of the group. Every time you snip an article to your collection, it will appear in the group feed as well. The search box allows users to search for individuals, collections, single articles, and group. This network is great for knowledge-sharing, bookmarking, browsing, informal learning, and research. Comment and share your thoughts about this network: how are you using

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