Don't send Facebook posts directly to Twitter

September 4, 2012

When it comes to automating posts, you might consider sending the post from the platform with the most limitations and automate from there. Otherwise, you run into trouble. For example, if you are sending posts from Facebook to Twitter automatically, posts will appear truncated on Twitter because Twitter's character count is less than on Facebook.

Above is an example of an awkwardly Facebook-truncated tweet. The author posted the message on Facebook first and has set their page to automatically send posts to Twitter. Don't do this! It looks unprofessional. As you can see, the entire message could not be posted because it contained more characters than are allowed on Twitter. In general, I advise against too much automation. If you want to use automation tools to reduce your workload, consider using these tools more for analytics and listening strategies and less for content posting. Read my previous post about using automation for archiving.

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Stephanie Hatch Leishman

Stephanie Hatch Leishman

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